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Cot feather and down bedding and 100% cotton covers

We have designed feather & down toddler duvets and pillows. Both the duvet inner and the cover are durable, high quality and washable to 30 degrees Celsius. You can even put them in the dryer! Our unique toddler pillows are very flat and offer superior comfort to support a straight back, while giving your toddler that nestled, cosy feeling. 

Our bedding covers are made of high quality and durable 100% natural cotton fabric, so that your child’s skin can breathe easily and naturally.

We have added flaps to the sides of our duvet covers, to make tucking in your toddler easier and helping the bedding to stay in position throughout the night.

Please read more about us and the unique BabyCloud design, browse our range of products for babies and toddlers, or contact us with any further questions you may have.